Thursday, December 9, 2010

Welcome to Your Honeymoon Fantasy Suite. Beware of Plastic Stalactites.

Here’s a major PRO for having our reception at the Pop Shop- or anywhere in Cherry Hill. Whenever I find a new venue, I check around to see what hotels would be available for my guests- and which ones have bridal suites for the wedding night.

While searching around Cherry Hill, I was disappointed to find nothing but Hiltons, Holiday Inns and a Clarion- until I stumbled upon The Feather Nest Inn.

I didn’t click on this the first couple times I saw it, because ‘Feather Nest Inn’ sounds like a homey little Bed & Breakfast to me. I was wrong.

FNI does have standard rooms- even ones without a jacuzzi, which come as low as $100 a night on Saturdays. But staying in a standard would be doing yourself a disservice.

Why not go for a Romance room, like ‘ManhattEn’?
So chic!

A Theme room, like French Kiss?
Ooo la la

Personally, I’m going for a Fantasy Suite. For some reason, Michael wasn’t as thrilled as I was to stay in Treasure Island on our wedding night:

The bed is a boat! What’s not to love?

You’ll be happy to know that apparently they have bridal packages, but they also have ‘4 hour specials’. Wink, wink. Wait, a wink is way too subtle for this place.

Bridesmaids, I’ve already chosen suites for you! Aren’t I the best?

For my sister, the royal pain (hehe):
King Tut

For my nature loving friend:

And for my math/science/technology geek bridesmaid:

Space Odyssey

As for Michael and I, if I can't get Treasure Island, we'll meet in the middle at the 'Natural' Cave. Marriage- so full of compromises!

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