Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My open loft art gallery shore wedding

Art Gallery #2- SICA, the Shore Institute of Contemporary Art

A friend reading my blog recommended them (thanks Amanda!)- the best man at her wedding had his wedding there. It’s on Third Ave in Long Branch. The gallery itself is open regular hours and also has a little coffee shop attached. It’s fairly raw space- poured concrete floors, exposed beam ceilings, which is great because they include adjustable lights. (Mike and I were just talking about how no one likes to dance under bright fluorescents.)

The space is twice as big as the Parlor Gallery. Parlor is more polished with it’s wood floors and glass front, but SICA definitely has a cool edge- it looks like the old downtown NYC loft galleries, but naturally, not like it’s trying to imitate anything.

In a way, it’s got everything- unique venue, enough space for the larger guest list, low fee. Here’s the problem- they’re moving.

Next summer, or as late as September, the Long Branch gallery is closing and reopening in Asbury Park, on Lake Avenue. In many ways, this is even better- the owner said it will be about the same amount of space, and the same price. Lake Avenue is right on the lake (duh), and a short block from Cookman. So we’d have downtown Asbury around the corner, the lake right in front of us, plus the ocean and the boardwalk  right down the street- hello photo opps!

We could still have an after party in Asbury if we wanted to and we could stay at the Berkeley  that night- ocean view! So we- and our guests- could spend the next day recovering on the beach- if I can hold off getting married long enough to do it in the summer, that is. They don’t have separate seasonal rates, so I could do it at the end of June, which would be awesome.

Window into the coffee shop

This sounds really great in so many ways. The only thing bothering me, is I’d have to wait until next summer to actually see it. This isn’t unreasonable considering we’re not getting married until spring 2012- I just want to decide NOW, damn it!

BUT, I should probably wait until this spring to book something anyway. I’m just anxious to figure out what’s going to work for us NOW so I can fine tune our budgeting.

PROs: location, location, location; unique venue, enough space for whole guest list; reasonable price, plenty of photo opps- what doesn’t this place have going for it?

Current Exhibit- 'Some Strings Attached'

CONs- can’t see the actual venue for 8-9 months! And if I wanted to knit pick, it’s a little grittier than I’d like- I do still have this vision of my wedding being fun, funky, but just a little city-chic.

Honestly I think I just still have a vision of the museum we’re going to visit next week that's clouding my vision to other places. But we're pretty excited about this!

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