Friday, December 31, 2010

Merry Christmas! (Part 2)

More presents! Oh, and general merriment J 

One of my big ticket items was a Nook from my sister! Up until now, I have been purposefully avoiding eReaders because I just love books and don’t want to contribute to their obsolescence. But as Mike and Beef pointed out, I can do both. I buy all my books and keep them- it’s my prize collection. But I sometimes read what is commonly referred to as ‘chick Lit’- you know, Bridget Jones, Jennifer Weiner, Jane Green, those types. They are great subway books- light enough to be able to follow while someone is drunkenly serenading me or playing a brass drum practically in my lap. (Both of which have happened in the last month. Shout out to the 6 train!) Anyway, I don’t feel the need to ‘own’ those. And I have to admit, I love that I can just download some books when I need a one in time for the next morning’s commute instead of trudging to the bookstore every time.

Not that I won’t keep trudging to the bookstores! There are so many great bookstores just in Brooklyn I want to give my patronage to, and I made a vow to myself that this year I would buy, if not exclusively, at least primarily from them. I let my Barnes & Noble membership lapse. Generally I go there because the smaller, ‘better’ book stores don’t carry as much chick lit, but if I’m downloading that instead- win/win!

Not that I shouldn't be proud of this...

{By the way, I kind of hate the term Chick Lit, but it’s just easier to use in this case. Please don’t stone me.}

My sister called Mike to make sure that he wasn’t getting me a Nook and to find out whether I wanted one, and even though I’d told him not to get me one, he gave my sister the go ahead. And I’m glad he did, although I know his motive was to get me to stop buying so many physical books- one of our recurring disagreements is over clutter. I’m a pack rat, and he seems to be getting increasingly neat as he ages. We’re a regular Odd Couple, it’s true.

Anyway, I also got a beautiful coat that I desperately needed from Michael’s mother, as well as new sheets and pillowcases- also desperately needed. I was going to wait for any household items, since we’ll be registering sometime in the next year, but we really did need those sheets now. Our current 'collection' forces us to mix and match brick red, hot pink, navy blue and this hideous primary colored stripe and polka dot patterned sheet. Oh, and every single one is ripped. Classy. I also got some stemless champagne glasses and a NY Giants apron. Guess which one is my favorite and which is Mike’s?

Christmas dinner was at Mike’s parents’ house and my sister came too. Highlights: I ate some of a piece of cheesecake-topped red velvet cake that was later revealed to contain 630 calories per slice, went a little nuts with the after dinner spirits (at one point I was chasing Courvoisier with Godiva chocolate liqueur and then chasing that with pink champagne- surprisingly, not the best combo!), lost every beer pong game I played, and stayed up drinking and talking with one of Mike’s step-sisters until 3:30 am. The good times were worth the killer hangover the next day!

We also did stockings and presents with my sister at her apartment with her dog and roommates’ puppy on Christmas Eve, who tore every piece of wrapping paper to shreds.


Remy in her Christmas sweater from her godparents! ;)

Then we got snowed in by the Blizzard the day after Christmas.

That was a fun drive.

Now, finally, we are home, ready to spend a quiet New Years weekend playing with our new toys. Happy Holidays to all!

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  1. I have been leaning towards e-readers too. I LOVE my books, but I carry so many for school that I can't add the weight of "fun" reading. I like the idea of carrying a library with me. It's the wave of the future...sigh.

    I'm glad you had a lovely Christmas. Happy New Year to you and Mike!