Welcome to Mike and Suzanne’s Wedding Website/Suzanne’s Wedding Blog!

This site will serve as a hub for information on our wedding (and wedding related activities) as well as a blog for me to expand on that information- and vent, ramble, muse, and generally over think the whole wedding/marriage situation, just like I over think everything else in life ;).

I invited Michael to blog with me- I love joint wedding blogs! - but alas, he declined. I will try to pull him in for at least a guest post or two, though!

Mike and I got engaged on October 23, 2010. We live together in Brooklyn, NY and started dating on May 12, 2007. We’ve been living in Brooklyn for several years now but grew up in New Jersey, where our families still are. Consequently, we’re about 90% sure our wedding will be held in New Jersey, and while no date has been set as of yet, our rough estimation is spring 2012. But more on that to come! As information is confirmed I will (try to) put it in easily accessible permanent links on this page. In the meantime, I’m just going to blog my face off! Thanks for reading!

(This is us about 5 minutes after we got engaged- the sun is shining through leaves and dappling our already radiant faces.)