Saturday, December 18, 2010

My Grand Chic Art-tastic Museum Wedding

Today, we finally made it to the Montclair Art Museum, a place that’s been high on my list for weeks. (Excuse my inflated post title- I'm pretty excited about this place!)

The Museum has a large hall with a huge skylight, lots of custom lighting, and a stage area for the band or DJ. A screen can be lowered for a video montage, and raised again to show the windows from the galleries above. For a lower fee, you can rent the hall alone, but the higher fee gives you and your guests access to the whole museum- you can have your cocktail hour in the beautiful entrance hall, and roam the many galleries. There are many pretty rooms, a variety of different exhibits and nooks to explore. It will give our guests something to look at, and provide tons of great photo opps.  

There’s a great prep kitchen for our caterer, and they can provide tables and chairs, which cuts down on rentals- most of the places we’ve seen don’t. A circular drive pulls up to the columned entrance- valet parking is optional. There is an elevator but the stair case from cocktail hour to the main hall isn't bad and has art of its own.

What can I say? We love it. It’s on the higher side of the budget spectrum, of course. But I can clearly envision it- to be honest, this is the place that’s been in my head for weeks. Over the course of the next few weeks we’ll continue to look at venues, and as spring approaches we’ll have to sit down and finally hammer out an exact budget. As far as the bigger budget scenario goes, though- ladies and gentleman, we have a front runner.
Here are some photos of the galleries and hall (some mine, the night time/better looking ones from the website):

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