Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Inspiration Board/Blog- Lavender

I’ve found a tutorial for making an Inspiration board on my computer, which, I’m going to try to do soon. I’m also working on setting up something in my house, like a cork board. In the meantime, I’ll post inspirations here as they come.
Since I signed up for some wedding sites I’ve been getting mailings from businesses across the tri-state area. Something arrived a few weeks ago that struck me- a post card from Pleasant Valley Lavender in Morganville, NJ.
How pretty is that?

So, first, I haven’t chosen colors yet. I don’t know if I’m even going to. And a lot will depend on the venue, of course. But when I sat down to make this blog, I chose the color combo of purple, turquoise and dark gray. I just like the way it looks. And then this purple and turquoise post card shows up… hm. 
Also, pick your own lavender! Very affordable! I’ve toyed with the idea of arranging my own flowers, but I’m afraid of how they’ll turn out, seeing as my flower arranging skills are pretty amateur. And I don’t want to be worrying about anything on the day of or day before the wedding;  I’m enough of a worrier as it is. I just want to focus on the ceremony. But simply picking lavender and making bunches doesn’t sound too taxing! And I can probably get my bridesmaids to help (thanks girls!).
I’ve seen images of single-flower and/or color bouquets and I think it looks very sophisticated. I can envision everything black and white with just a splash of purple. I like it.

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