Sunday, December 12, 2010

Bouquet Alternatives

I’m pretty sure I’m going to have a bouquet of fresh cut flowers. I already have a couple different ideas that I’ll be mulling over for the next year. However, I’ve been checking out some flower alternatives and there are so many creative ideas out there! (Warning- this is a very picture heavy post!)
Now this is original!

A lot of girls are choosing silk or fabric flowers as a fresh cut alternative, for a variety of reasons- environmental, sentimental or budgetary. Some find fresh flowers to be wasteful, or just too expensive, while others like the idea of creating a bouquet they can keep forever. There are some really pretty and crafty ways to make silk, fabric, felt, paper and even leather flowers. It’s the even more non-traditional bouquets that are blowing me away, though.
I'm lucky to be a part of the Offbeat Bride Tribe, so I have access to all their unique ideas, and get to share my own with them. Some of these pics are from the Offbeat Bride site as well as Etsy, Google Images, etc. I didn;t get hoto credits for them but I hope they don't mind my sharing them with you all! This blog is basically my online inspiration board.

A very popular theme I’m seeing is button bouquets. They look so fun! You can buy them on Etsy but a lot of girls are creating the bouquets themselves.
Buttons and felt by the OBB infamous Princess Lasertron

Here’s an idea I love- book pages and maps! I have maps all over my apartment, and I have been a huge book nerd since I was little.

I think this is a sweet idea. I would definitely consider it for a beach wedding. Plus my mom has vases of shells I might be able to use to make it even more personalized and special, so that’s something to consider.

Speaking of sweet ideas: 

For Christmas time or otherwise- ornaments! 

(Isn't she adorable? I first got this image off Google Images but more info on her wedding is at OBB.)

These are gorgeous- they’re made of brooches that girls either already owned or borrowed, or sourced at flea markets and costume jewelry stores.

 And here’s a bunch of cool, creative ideas:




Coffee Filters!!

Duct Tape!!!

Also, flowers made of :      



I see a lot of girls also carrying fans, parasols, crocheted flowers, crocheted purses, origami, feathers, stuffed animals, lanterns, books- so many awesome ideas.


Muffs (winter adorable and joke ready)

Whatever this is

Some bouquets even light up! Again, I already have two solid ideas for fresh cut flowers I’d like to carry- I have always loved flowers, and so did my mom. And I’m looking into non-floral centerpieces, which should bring down costs, so I’m happy to spend a little on my bouquet (and the flowers for the bridesmaids and moms/grandmas). I can save the ribbons and a special charm I'm planning to make. Still… it’s pretty fun to look!


  1. I love the brooch bouquets!

  2. Wow! Those are awesome!

    I was thinking I could probably at least put together a little nosegay with all those crazy plastic rings I used to wear in high school, ha.

  3. This makes me want to start creating bouquets immediately.

  4. Then again, there is no greater way to spurn mathematics than to use flowers that you made yourself:

    Just sayin'

  5. That's so cool... how do you find this stuff?

  6. it's a terrarium--a little glass dome for plants. very commonly used for succulents in the southwest :)
    I'm really into the duct tape rose bouquets I've found online