Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fitness Update

Are you ready for some Grade A excuses?

As it is now March, this should be my fitness update #10, in which I proudly tell you that I’ve lost 20 pounds, have transformed from couch-warmer to 5k runner, and am ready for my close up (engagement photo shoot).

Alas, I bear no such good tidings.

My diet and exercise regime was going okay when I began in November. (See me bitch and complain here, here and here). I lost 4 pounds, counted calories, started a running program, and cut my alcohol consumption down to 1-2 days a week. I struggled with wanting to see faster results, and how to get in a good workout without joining a gym, but I was on the right path.

Cue the excuse list. To be fair, it was a rough two week stretch that threw me off, but there aren’t any good reasons for staying off. In November, my dad was in a bad accident that left him hospitalized for two weeks, and Michael lost a family member. So we spent much of those two weeks in NJ. I have a terrible time traveling while dieting. I need my own kitchen and a schedule and an absence of temptations. Translation- I am weak. I am very weak.

At the close of those two weeks came Thanksgiving, which I was cooking/hosting for the very first time. I spent 4+ hours waiting in line for a $75 fried turkey, and I wasn’t about to let those leftovers go to waste! December brought crappy weather, which majorly curtailed all my outside exercise attempts. I had to quit several running excursions because of slippery wet leaves and/or icy winds. That’s what happens when your ‘track’ is either 5th Avenue or the perimeter of an empty lot.

It was also the first holiday season without my mom. After I got off track during the hectic two weeks at the end of November, I let my Christmas-induced melancholia recuse me from making an effort in the diet department. In January, the constant snowstorms and accumulations completely ended all outside exercise, and I had a conference approaching at the end of the month that had me working overtime- yet another excuse once I finally got home each night to laze about, eating chocolate and drinking champagne ‘because it’s Wednesday. And I’m streeeeeessed!’ (This was often followed by “Why can’t youuuu ever cook dinner? I’m tired. Order us some pizza.” Poor Michael. Poor, patient Michael.)

Amidst all that, Mike had some health issues (now mostly resolved) that had us worrying and running around to doctor’s appointments, and then I caught a cold, which became bronchitis, which caused several more complications- the end result being that I am now home, recovering from a kidney infection. (Long story.) It was touch and go for awhile, but I’m on the mend.

So there you go. Somehow, miraculously, I’m still down about 2 pounds from when I started in November, but as a grand total for 4 months? Not so hot. But I am now invigorated. Spring is coming. And speaking of ‘not so hot’, all the pictures I’ve been posting on this blog are reminding me that I do NOT want to look like this anymore. I don’t even recognize myself. And I feel like crap. (I mean aside from being sick.)

Michael has agreed to be my exercise partner, and last week, during a brief respite of my own illnesses and after Michael got the thumbs up to exercise again, we started doing Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred. Yowza.  When I’m able to exercise again, I’ll give you a run down on how that’s going. Also, instead of counting calories (as so many wisely suggested) I am just focusing on healthy eating, while staying conscious of fats and carbs. Michael has become a vegetable zealot and claims he loves the new health initiative. It REALLY helps to have a partner in this, because I wasn’t kidding about being weak. There are some legitimate excuses listed above but I’ll come up with anything to weasel out if I’m having a bad day- including, ‘I’m having a bad day’.

Below is a picture of us from the month we started dating. You can’t see my body, but this is my goal weight for the summer. THEN I’ll tackle the wedding goal weight!

Memorial Day 2007

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