Monday, March 21, 2011

Guest Book

We recently received an engagement gift from Michael’s aunt and uncle that I just have to share. It’s a gorgeous guestbook for the wedding!

It’s Vera Wang for Wedgewood and it’s just beautiful. The top is solid silver with an embossed bow tied like a present. Inside are heavy cardstock pages for our guests to sign their names. The back and inside covers are lined with soft material.

It’s very classic and elegant and I just love it. It’s clearly designed to be kept forever, which I love! I’ve mentioned that Michael and I often battle over stuff: what should be kept and what should be thrown out. I’m a hoarder, he’s a tosser. (Heehee. UK friends, please don’t tell him what that means.) I’ve already warned him that I’ll be saving quite a few things from our wedding, and that he can’t fight me on them! I have a feeling our first real estate purchase as a married couple will probably be a storage unit :/

Many of our wedding details may end up being decidedly ‘funkier’, so I’m very pleased to have this beautiful, traditional guestbook to use and save forever. Our grandchildren will probably being signing in at weddings via the 2065 version of an iPad (whoa, 2065?!? That just blew my mind), upping the cache of our distinguished, pretty guestbook with handwritten signatures.

I didn’t think I was the kind of girl who would drool over china patterns and perfect reception accessories, but I’ve already taken this out of its box several times just to look at it, and even started musing on what type of pen, with which color ink, I’d like used. I guess I have the bride gene after all!

It's so shiny!

I know it’s probably tacky to discuss gifts, and I initially wanted to show everything we received, and to especially thank everyone for all their generosity, well wishes, and simply for their presence at the party. It really meant the world to us! I’m singling this gift out because it’s going to be used at the wedding, and so you’re going to see it here eventually, and a few people out there might notice it and think, “Huh, when did Suzanne get such good taste?” So please excuse this, if you find it to be in poor taste, as I just want to share wedding details. Unfortunately Emily Post hasn’t written a book on blogging yet.

Thank you Uncle John and Aunt Meg!

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  1. What a beautiful guestbook! (Considering your thoughtfulness regarding the ink selection, I will consider it in poor taste to use my own pen. Haha.)

    I love the shot of the book with your reflection in it. Clever.