Thursday, March 3, 2011

Engagement Party

Mike’s mother and step-father offered to throw us an engagement party as soon as we got engaged. It was held last Saturday and we had a great time!

His parents chose Connolly Station in Belmar, NJ, where they had previously held an engagement party for one of Mike’s step-sisters and so already knew they would do a good job. His mother borrowed pretty lanterns from a generous friend who had them leftover from her daughter’s wedding; they looked lovely!

Our bridal party had already met one another at some point, but it was nice to have everyone in the same room for the first time!

The party gave us a taste of what the wedding would be like- specifically, trying to spend time with so many people in a short period. We tried! It’s hard when you genuinely want to spend time with so many people at one time!

I learned another lesson for the wedding- no stilettos! I bought a pair of shoes I loved and thought I’d try and be glamorous for one night in my little black cashmere Marc Jacobs dress (that I got for a song online, I can’t even front)- but they were 4 inch heels, and I never wear heels. I think I may have actually damaged my feet. I’m not kidding, they still hurt a little. My future step-sister-in-law (got that?) told me she brought slippers for herself and her bridesmaids to her wedding. So noted! Towards the end of the night I tried taking them off and was reprimanded by the bouncer. Oops.

{Did you know Connolly Station is a hot spot in NJ? After our party ended, a DJ moved in and so did a mob of people. AND it was featured on Jersey Shore- Sammy and Ronnie ate dinner there in Season 1! I'm happy to report there was no fist pumping.}

So here’s another piece of fashion that’s now been added to my wedding: flip flops. Maybe I’ll get pretty ones, or just use one of the 99 pairs of Old Navy flips that I rock daily May – October. (Like I said, I can’t front. $3 flip flops rule my world.)

Again, thank you to Mike’s parents for throwing this for us and thank you everyone who came out to celebrate with us! We really appreciate it and we had a great time!




Pat, Mike and their dad- too tall for photos

Pat, Tim, Suzi, me and Mike


Jessie and Beef battle for the title of 'Best Pose/Expression'

Jonny wins!


  1. I love the rockin' cousins pic! And Jonny's winning expression. I'm also glad that there's photo evidence of those sexy stilettos!

    Oh- and mmmmm, carrots.

  2. I'm soooo sorry I missed it! I can't believe I got so sick :(

    Let me tell you the pink sparkle stilettos I was going to wear to the party are to die for! They will be making appearances soon.

  3. Gorgeous photos! You look beautiful, lady! So excited for you. Wish I could be at the wedding. Even though I wasn't actually invited. ;-)


  4. Awesomeness! Love the ensemble, and hey - no pain, no gain. Beauty always comes with a price!