Friday, February 4, 2011

Inspiration Board/Blog: Fun with Fruit and Flowers

Every time we see a new venue, I go home and start imagining how everything else would fall into place around it. Fashion, favors, decorations, place cards and of course, centerpieces.

I love fresh cut flowers, which sets me apart from a lot of Offbeat Brides. However, I'm not crazy into giant expensive centerpieces. (Thank god, because they're really expensive and almost impossible to do yourself.). As I continue to do research and ogle pictures online, I've found I prefer single solid colors. I posted about my cut your own lavender centerpiece idea on my previous Inspiration Board/Blog post here. I still love them. But I needed to look for shorter centerpieces to better compliment places like The Supper Club. I found I really like square vases with a solid color. I like the architectural look when they are even across the top:

 Roses seem to be the most popular, but I think tulips or other flowers could work. I also really like the understated elegance of this:

It would need a table that wasn't too crowded so it wouldn't be overwhelmed by wine glasses and silverware, but I love its simple beauty, and it would be pretty easy to DIY. Using multiples that keep a light floral touch could pump up the volume a little while remaining delicate:

In a lot of the images that popped up for 'square vases with flowers', fruit was used inside the vases:

I love how this looks. I also love the idea of edible centerpieces. I've seen people use vases filled with green apples or lemons and oranges as decorations. I've also heard of brides using Edible Arrangements baskets (or making them themselves) as centerpieces. I started looking into fruit as decoration.

Soooo pretty. I especially love the citrus tones for a summer wedding. Although there are ways to take the fruit concept to the extreme:

These are all carved out of watermelons!

I do need to take being a worrywart into consideration- as much as I find the fruit centerpieces charming, after a few minutes my mind starts stressing about refrigeration and flies and bruised fruit. I've got some plans for combating the anxiety issue, but in the meantime, here are a couple other cute centerpieces. I'm particularly excited about the photo cube vases- I have an idea for numbering the tables that I'm excited about, and those cubes could be the perfect solution!


  1. Lovin' the one with the lemons, limes and kumquats. Oh, and you could totally DIY an angelfish watermelon vase.

  2. Oh totally. I'd only need about 15-16, I'm sure my bridesmaids and I could whittle them all the day of as we're getting our hair done.