Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Happy Valentine’s (Birth)Day!

Are you sick of hearing me talk about Valentine’s Day yet? Beginning to realize my dismissal of it as ‘just a Hallmark holiday’ was a bald-faced lie? Okay, you’re partially right. Like I said, I like making a big deal about things just for the sake of enjoying them. Remind me of this when I try to claim I’m a humble person who never blows things out of proportion, and swear I don’t want any drama on my wedding day. Actually, don’t, ya jerks- leave a bride alone!
Right, so, I admitted a couple days ago that I had a small poutfest last year about ‘missing out on’ Valentine’s Day because of Michael’s birthday- okay, wow, I can’t even finish typing that, I am really terrible! I am so lucky to have Michael. Even luckier because instead of calling me out on being a selfish, living stereotype of a chocolate and flowers-obsessed woman, Michael listened, somehow continued to love me AND promised to not only give me a real makeup date, but also came through with gifts on V-Day.
I think there’s both kitschy and sentimental appeal in going traditional. (Er, sometimes. I’ll claim never to have typed those words if someone starts pressuring me about a garter toss or playing the Macarena at my wedding.) And I think Mike enjoyed being an atypical boyfriend by bringing home:

A dozen red roses, a heart-shaped box of chocolates, and a sentimental card.

Note he got a card inscribed ‘To My Wife’. The kid loves doing that. I told him we should make the most out of ‘fiancé’ because it’s a temporary status that we’ll never have again, it’s special blah blah blah, but he just loves calling me his spouse. He’s pretty sweet, that boy of mine.

I like to spread my flowers around so there’s something pretty and fragrant in several different places in the house. Here’s my stab at amateur floral arranging- good test run if I go this money saving route for the wedding:

Yes, all my makeshift vases are made out of wine bottles and decanters. It’s called upcycling, people.

Of course, if we do try to save money on flowers for the wedding, we won’t be having roses. The funny thing is, I think Mike always gets me these because they’re his personal favorite. Which reminds me!

I finally got an opinion out of him!

That’s right, Michael had a décor opinion about his own wedding! Shock! Awe! I asked him if he could envision any type of color or shape- or dear god, anything- that would fit into a certain venue and was fully expecting another, “Uh…. I don’t know. I don’t know about this stuff. Whatever you like will be great, baby.” (He’s learned to lay it on a little thick to get me off his back.) But instead he said, drum roll please…. He thought red flowers would look nice. Ta da! That’s right, folks, Michael took a wedding décor question, gave it some thought, and produced an opinion. I know I sound sarcastic but I’m truly happy.

Whether I’ll actually use his suggestion, um, we shall see, but in the mean time I’m just thrilled to have him be involved. (More on gender stereotypes in wedding planning and how they irk me- yet remain factual in my case- later.) And actually, he later moved the bottle/vase in the kitchen from the counter to the stovetop because he thought it looked nicer. He's developing an eye for style and an interest in floral placement! I think all the incessant wedding talk must finally be seeping in...

Michael reports that he had a great birthday evening- first, I made his favorite dinner upon request:

Ribeye, mashed potatoes, brussell sprouts with bacon and spinach sauteed with garlic

This man loves brussell sprouts!

Then we just chilled out in the living room.

Our makeup Valentine’s date has been rescheduled to Friday night due to various circumstances. The upside of that is the weather is supposed to be lovely (for February) AND there’s a full moon that night, and we’re going to a rooftop bar. Candy, flowers, a lacy card, full moon view from a romantic bar- I feel like I’m inside the ‘ideal’ bubble in a Kathy cartoon- i.e., not what I ever imagined myself wanting. But much like finding and falling in love with Michael, it’s surreally wonderful. ;)


  1. Have you considered wine/champagne bottle vases as centerpieces? I'm kinda diggin' it.

    That dinner looks fantasmic.

    I really thought the phrase was "boldfaced lie." You know, like a bold font face? Seemed rational enough.

  2. Apparently it's kind of both:'bold_face_lie'_or_'bald_faced_lie'_or_another_variation

  3. And I will consider the chapmagne/wine bottle centerpiece idea! Or perhaps mixing them in with other bottles and vases. That would be easy to DIY, AND an excuse to sample lots of different wines so I could collect a variety of bottles. Win-Win! Great idea!

  4. Are there any good vineyards in NJ worth having a wedding at?

  5. There aree actually two options I'm considering! One is indoors with a caterer attached, another would be tented with multiple approved cateres to choose from. Hoping to see them both soon...