Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ah, St Valentine, You Sadistic Bastard

Cupid is an asshole.
Tonight was supposed to be our makeup Valentine’s Day date. Yes, the original makeup date was last Tuesday. Then postponed to Friday. Then postponed again until tonight. Okay, no big deal. At least it’s finally happening! Mike wore a new shirt to work and I brought something to change into. He wore real shoes, I put in my contacts and even put on some makeup . We were looking good and ready to go.
 So we met up after work and made our way to the Strand Hotel on 37th, ready to make our way to the top. I was looking forward to a purple cocktail and amazing views of the Empire State Building. The moon was big and bright and we were both excited to have a romantic, classic New York evening- and okay, I was really excited about those cocktails!
We walked to the door, the doorman escorted us in… and told us a private party was taking up the Top of the Strand bar for the next 3 hours. Wah waaaaaaah. Insert Debbie Downer face. Valentine’s Day date - thwarted.
We sat down at the (street level, very nice but view-less) lobby bar and regrouped. We passed on checking out our second choice (the rooftop bar Jimmy at the James Hotel) and decided to hit up lobster night at Wombat in Brooklyn. No view, no purple cocktails, but it’s close to home and hey, lobster. I’ll take it.

The street level version of my purple drink. Would’ve looked better in the moonlight, but it WAS $3 cheaper!

So we took the train home, hopped in the car and drove to Wombat. On the way we kept our spirits up- thrice-postponed Valentine’s Day, Take 2! Michael even agreed to hit up Trophy, a nearby cocktail bar, after dinner. Specialty cocktails here I come! I’m feeling the Valentine’s Day love!

     ….Wombat was closed. No sign, no explanation, just lights off, nobody’s home. We stood in silence and peered through the windows. Thwarted again!

We walked a few blocks on Metropolitan, trying to find a suitable alternative, but it was cold and after your Lobster and Fancy Drinks dreams are dashed, even Bushwick Country Club’s cherry vodka slushy drinks couldn’t cheer me up. We called it quits and cobbled together Plan C- pizza, beer for Mike and the bottle of wine I’d been saving back at home for me.

Still we tried to maintain our good humor. Even when we pulled up at the bodega for beer and I tried to get out of the car while my seatbelt was still buckled. (Doh!)

We got home, got the pizza, Mike cracked a beer and I- realized I’d already drank the sparkling wine I thought was in the fridge. Strike 3. I’m out. I threw in the towel, put on my sweatpants and watched an Office marathon with my sweetheart.

My fancy Valentine's Day dinner :/

I think this is the universe telling me that an engaged woman should not post THREE blog entries about Valentine’s Day on her wedsite, where she already posts lovey-dovey Mikey schmaltz that probably makes her single friends want to light her on fire. Sorry folks. Guess I got what’s coming to me.

So yes, we are going to try again, but I promise not to write about it. In fact last night I finally gave Michael his birthday/Valentine’s Day present and I’m not even going to tell you what it was! Look at me, shutting up. (Now that would be a real gift to Michael.)


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  2. Well, in all fairness, this is a wedding blog. Disgruntled single women should at least know to avoid it (whether they actually do or not is another matter).

    I post some wedding-related updates on my own blog. Sometimes, I have to have my partner read them to make sure they aren't too "wedding-y."

    Sorry about the dual commenting, we share a computer, and I didn't want it to seem like some crazy guy was stalking your wedding blog. Crazy girl that saw your blog on Offbeat Bride Tribe, yes, but not a crazy guy.

  3. My money is on you having pissed off St. Valentine over the years by consistently bashing his big day. Oh now you want to be part of it. Take that, Suzanne!

    PS- you're not posting nearly frequent enough to my liking!

  4. I wish a crazy dude stalked this blog! I have a weird feeling my readership is 100% female... I guess guys aren't interested in non-floral bouquet alternatives. Huh.