Wednesday, June 1, 2011

We’re Moving!

I’ve been bad about posting but I have good reason- we’re moving!

We’d been planning to move in a few months but circumstances changed and we had to hustle and leave this month. We found a great place in Bushwick that’s brand-new!

On top of that, it’s been a busy time at work for me- we had to push up our moving date even earlier because I leave for a work trip tomorrow, and Mike starts a long-term assignment next week. Last month Michael started a new career. It’s been very exciting and he’s been very busy, which is wonderful, but made the move even trickier, especially because we’re doing it all ourselves.
I’ll be back with more details and photos, as well as other updates, after I return from my business trip and life calms down a little. In the meantime let me just add that we looooove our new apartment. We’d put up with a lot of crap at the old place, and it wasn’t until we moved to this one that we realized just how much it had been affecting our lives. Our new place is gorgeous and we’re so happy there already. It’s the first place we’re living in alone as an engaged couple, too! J

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