Thursday, June 23, 2011

Brides vs. Rain

Rain- a wedding day nightmare. Brides check the weather obsessively for days before their wedding, hoping for sunshine, especially those getting married in warm weather and planning for pictures outside. If you have an outdoor venue for the reception, ceremony or both, you need contingency plans and back up sites and it’s true, that can be a headache.

But as I stare out the window on this thunderstorm-riddled day, I imagine how a white dress and bright umbrella would really pop amongst the gray. In fact, it’s not a bad look at all.

Rain adds a romance factor to pictures.

Parasols are a preferred accessory for many wedding parties nowadays- why not umbrellas?

Weather be damned, you’re getting married! Some even say it’s good luck.

Even better for a wet wedding day? Wellies! Rain boots under a wedding dress- soooo cute.

Just try to avoid it in November. Get it? Get it?

I have a tendency to overthink things and worry excessively. We nixed two outdoor venues because of weather concerns, but we’ve narrowed our options down and are getting very close to making our decision (I know, FINALLY, right?) and the top contenders all have outdoor elements. Plus, we know we want to do photos on the beach and boardwalk. So I’m deciding right here and now that I will not pout or stress if it rains on my wedding day- I’ll just accessorize!

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  1. I love the rain and am so happy to see a post (wedding-related no less!) celebrating it for its beauty and not treating it as an inconvenience. Hooray rain! <3