Thursday, June 9, 2011

Bridal Meetup

A few weeks ago I met another fellow bride for drinks and wedding talk. My new friend and I had met in the Offbeat Bride Tribe and had been emailing for a couple weeks. She was considering some of the same venues and I was able to pass along some of the spreadsheets other brides had been kind enough to share with me.

We met at The Dove Parlour, a very cute speakeasy-style establishment downtown, where she and her fiancé had first met- and then gotten engaged right outside of! She and I have had reverse paths, as far as locations go- she grew up in Brooklyn (and Seattle) and now lives in Jersey City.

We had a couple of champagne cocktails and discussed a whole range of issues, from the egregious assumed gender roles in typical weddings and how they’ve affected us, to fun ideas for Save the Dates.

She just booked the Newark Museum, which is gorgeous.

I’m very excited to have made a new friend, indulged in some wedding talk with a like-minded bride, and I’m looking forward to hearing more details of her wedding as they emerge!

Offbeat Bride just published one her blog posts about planning an offbeat wedding as a visually impaired woman, which she is. She’s also a second generation burlesque dancer with a Master’s from Sarah Lawrence in Women’s History, marrying an anarchist lawyer, in a wedding that will feature a cocktail hour amongst the classics and a reception full of swing dancing. Hurray for Offbeat Brides (and new friends!)

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