Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My super hip arty downtown cool wedding

A girl can dream, anyway!

On Saturday we visited a site that would be my top choice for Wedding Scenario #2.

Wedding Scenario #2 would involve a smaller guest list but more ‘creative’ venue. It’s a balance of less cost/more party. In this scenario, we’d have to keep the guest list below 100, probably closer to 80. We wouldn’t have a space to do a separate cocktail hour or a grand dance floor- or even traditional seating and food. However, we’d be able to keep our costs way down, and have our wedding in a really cool space.

So, the best choice for WS#2 is the Parlor Gallery in Asbury Park. It’s a great space that features lesser known, ‘alternative’ artists. The space is fantastic- all white, high ceilings, great track lighting, colorful art and gleaming hardwood floors.

We could put the dance floor right by the entrance, in front of the floor to ceiling glass overlooking Cookman Avenue. I can easily picture a mixture of high and low top tables sprinkled through the rest of the space, with a few food stations and passed hors d’oeuvres all night. I could skip flowered centerpieces all together and go with something architectural made of glass and metal. I have an idea about my wedding attire (one of a couple things I’m going to try to keep secret) that would fit in perfectly.

If I can’t have downtown Brooklyn, downtown Asbury Park is a great runner up. The town itself means something to all of our parents. It also has a ton of great places for taking photos. And we could simply walk across the street for a fun after party, plus spend our wedding night at a hotel overlooking the ocean.

I really LOVE the space. I can picture the whole thing. Here’s what’s going on in my head:

Pro’s- very visually appealing. Extremely cost effective. Desirable geographic location for both proximity to the church (if we go the church route) and the hometowns of our families and some guests (and it’s our home county) as well as for photo opps. Fulfills my alterna-girl vision of my wedding.

Con’s- limits the guest list by as much as 1/3. Lacks romantic and dramatic characteristics- first dance, mother/son dance and other emotional moments may not feel as heightened. Might ruffle a few feathers that traditional seating and dinner would not be available.

The guest list is the #1 conflict. One of the major appeals is the ‘party party party’ vibe, but how many friends would we be partying without?

It was a great visit on the heels of the caterers, realizing we could have a pretty awesome, budget-friendly wedding if we can live with a minimal amount of sacrifices.

And if it doesn’t work out for the wedding, I am definitely keeping this in mind for future parties!


  1. You were born to blog, lady.

  2. Aw! if only we could have seen what we'd be doing now, 15 years ago- it's our notebooks come to life, only much less despressing!