Friday, November 19, 2010

First Wedding Purchase(s)

Yes, you can expect the ‘wedding firsts’ theme to continue. I just get excited over everything!

Somehow I made it almost a month since our engagement without buying anything. Mike’s mom came up a week after he proposed with a wedding planner and a huge stack of magazines, so I haven’t bought any of those myself yet. But this week I bought not one, not two, but THREE books! (Of course I’m going to geek out over the books instead of dresses or something.)

The first two were DIY Bride booksDIY Bride and DIY Bride- Crafty Countdown. I don’t consider myself to be especially crafty but I would LIKE to be, and these books contain not just ideas but step by step instructions. I don’t know how many things I’ll be able to pull off- a lot of projects really can save you a bundle, but they’re geared more towards people who are already crafty, i.e., already own the tools needed- but I’ve already gotten several great ideas. One in particular I’m especially excited about, but I’ll share that later… (Her website is great too.)

The other is Offbeat Bride. I’ve been reading the website for years, and now I’m finally reading the book! I know my wedding probably isn’t going to be as extremely offbeat as many featured on her site, but it’s definitely going to be geared towards Mike and I as individuals and also as a couple, and our tastes, which is all the book really advocates.

I imagine my wedding looking like a toss up between something that would be featured on Offbeat Bride and something from Brooklyn Bride (um, only in NJ). We shall see… stay tuned!