Saturday, August 6, 2011

Bridal Style Icon - Lady Gaga

Lately I've been asked a lot of questions about my wedding dress ideas. White or ivory? Ballgown or mermaid? Sweetheart or halter? What about a veil? Well, I'm not stuck on any particular styles yet. All I know is I want something a little.... different.

My close friends know to ask slightly different questions, like: Long- or short? Pink or rainbow? Stilettos or boots? Which elements of previous Lady Gaga outfits should we be expecting? My own grandma whispered to my future mother in law at my engagement party, "I just hope she doesn't pick a leather bustier and crazy color mini skirt!"

Well, grandma, I promise, while there will be a LOT of Lagy Gaga's music at my wedding, unfortunately, in the name of compromise, not as much of her style as I might like. Which is a shame, though, because a lot of her clothes look perfect for an (avant garde) wedding.

This would be a straight up gorgeous wedding dress! Part ball gown, part Glinda the Good Witch- ALL Gaga

I mean, this basically IS a wedding gown! Big, white and poufy.

Your wedding dress should be a one of a kind outfit after all...

And she's also worn some totally legit reception dresses! Seriously! Check it:

I'm not even kidding about this one! I could so rock this!

And let's not forget some memorable hairstyles, sure to make you stand out on the big day:

(Um, I have this on image on a t-shirt dress)

Folks, I know I can't pull most of this off on my wedding day. My grandma is frail enough as it is. And it's not like I try to emulate Gaga in real life anyway....

Oh yeah.... Well, anyway, so listen. There is one Gaga inspired piece of fashion I REALLY want for my wedding. I want it bad. It's not just Gaga, it's not just bridal, it's a fashion statement I've been rocking for YEARS, and it just happened to combine with my favorite singer and the fashion industry a few years ago, and it seems too perfect to ignore:

Animal Ear Veils!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, just like Gaga wore

The thing is, it wouldn't just be a Gaga knockoff. I LOVE wearing cat and bear ears around the house as a regular headband. I have since I lived in Jersey. The furry headband keeps my hair in place better than anything else, so I started wearing an old pair of cat ears from a Halloween costume for utility's sake only. But I couldn't help noticing how cute they are. Not everyone agrees. I accidentally wore them through the drive thru of my old bank and got some very long looks.

Also, I tend to be rather zoomorphic, it's true. My nickname for Michael is Puppy and I've already christened my friend's son as our Ring Bear.

But these babies are Reem Acra, okay? It's not just some kooky Suzanne idea or crazy Lady Gaga whimsy. They're for reals, and high fashion! And they're extremely similar to birdcage veils- just a different, erm, animal.

So can I have them? Please please please? I promise to keep it to the Bear ears, not the Bunny, if that helps.

Listen, if I just wanted to emulate Lady Gaga's headpieces, it could get a lot crazier, okay?

So come on, I promise to at least wear pants to my wedding- can I get some love for the bear ear veil??


  1. Bwahaha! I never thought I'd have so much fun reading anything wedding-related! ;)

    Since I barely know you, I can neither confirm nor deny that going Gaga for your wedding would be a positive/negative thing. But I can--and did, you may have noticed!--say the above. I also boggled at the bubble outfit, which . . . wow.

  2. If you wear a bear veil, the girls could wear full on kitty cat costumes. We could paint on whiskers and little pink noses. Now that's cute.

    The real issue here is exactly how much Lady Gaga will I have to listen to? :)

  3. I have to point out that you did pink hair way before Gaga did it, you fashion icon, you.

    I love that look on you, btw. Would a pink wig under the bear ears be too much to ask?

  4. Thanks y'all! I think I'll go for slightly more tradition with the hairstyle.

    And Amy, the answer is: A LOT. Embrace the Gaga. She's practically an honorary bridesmaid.