Monday, April 11, 2011

I Put a Ring on It

On Friday, Michael and I made our first marriage-related purchase- his ring!

We went to Jean’s Silversmith in the diamond district. A relative of my boss owns it and we needed someone reputable to appraise my rings. While we were there, we checked out some of the bands. I didn’t find anything that suited me, but we found the perfect ring for Michael.

It’s a high grade platinum band with a beveled edge. Mike tried on a few and really liked this one, and so did I. They also gave us a great price- we’d been prepared to pay hundreds more for lower quality than what we got.

One of my new Brooklyn bride friends was also shopping this weekend and had a similar result- a ring for her fiancé, but not for her. We have inspired each other to ‘buck up’- there’s still time, and it’s worth it for us to keep looking to find something we love.

I don’t want anything fancy, although I do want platinum to match my engagement ring, and Mike wanted platinum as well- seeing as it’s the only piece of jewelry he’ll ever own, he wanted to ‘go big’. He definitely deserves it!

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